大多数 内容的企业家 and content marketers fail at developing ideas for their content because they fail to plan. If you are at a point where you are sitting in front of the computer waiting for inspiration to strike, 你做错了.

There is no one right way to develop ideas for your content projects, but you do need a process. Here are ten different strategies and tactics that work to unearth amazing content ideas.

1. 内容审计

Before you can determine what kind of content you need, you first need to figure out what you have. 除了, 你需要确定你所拥有的到底是好是坏, 更好的是, whether you have some raw content that is still incredibly valuable that you can leverage throughout your content marketing strategy.


I’ve worked with hundreds of companies that launched new e-books and white papers and hired freelancers and editors, only to find out midway through the process that much of the content initiative had already been created somewhere else in the organization. Conducting even a simple content audit would have saved those companies time and money.

内容审计既昂贵又耗时. But there are a number of free content audit templates out there for you to use. 现在,让十三水游戏保持简单并专注于您的核心内容资产. 你的电子表格可能看起来像这样:

在这件事上你想走多远就走多远. Many organizations do a full content audit of their website and analyze every page (using tools like Google 分析, 现场轨道飞行器或尖叫青蛙). 这个十三水游戏以后再说吧. 现在,十三水游戏只想知道十三水游戏在做什么.

2. 50个问题

One of the amazing things about Marcus Sheridan’s success with River Pools & 他从来没有真正安装过玻璃纤维泳池, 尽管世界上大多数人都认为他是专家. 他的秘诀是:“终极内容策略就是倾听.”

马库斯倾听客户、员工和播客 . . . 他是个完美的学习者. 然后他就内容的想法进行头脑风暴. “If you don’t come up with at least 50 questions, you haven’t tried hard enough,” 说s Sheridan. “如果你每周写两次,那就够你写一年的内容了.”

Open a notebook and make a list of questions your audience would like to know about (keep your content mission in mind while you do this). 在这一点上,没有错误的答案. 不要停下来纠正任何东西——只写问题. 完成你的50个问题清单,然后休息一下. 过了一会儿,再回到清单上找到钻石.

3. 利用随笔

Mark Levy (author of Accidental Genius) gave me a crash course in something called “自由写作.“随笔, 也被称为意识流写作, is a writing technique where the person writes for a set period without regard for spelling or even the topic. Mark uses this technique with his clients to unearth the raw content at the heart of the content creator.

娜塔莉·戈德堡, author of The True Secret of Writing, outlines the rules of 自由写作 to include:

  • 给自己一个时间限制. 写一个设定的时间,然后停止.
  • 一直移动你的手,直到时间到了. 不要停下来盯着天空或读你写的东西. 写得快,但不要匆忙.
  • 不要注意语法、拼写、标点、整洁或风格. 没有人需要阅读你的作品.
  • 如果你跑题了或者无话可说了,还是继续写吧. 如果有必要的话, 随便写些废话或你想到什么就写什么, 或者简单地涂鸦:做任何事情来保持手移动.
  • 如果你在写作时感到无聊或不舒服, 问问自己是什么在困扰你, 然后写下来.
  • 等时间到了, 看看你写的东西, and mark passages that contain ideas or phrases that might be worth keeping or elaborating on in a subsequent 自由写作 session.

4. 有乐趣与谷歌警报

谷歌警报 is a free service (all you need is a Gmail account) that delivers web content to your inbox related to the words you are searching for. 例如, 如果你对多人游戏Minecraft的内容感兴趣的话, you could ask 谷歌警报 to send you a notification when Google finds a new page, 说, Minecraft提示或Minecraft发布.

您可以每天或每周接收警报. 这些文章可以成为您的内容想法的新素材.

Note: Also, don’t forget that Google Trends trending searches is a great resource for this as well.

5. 标签

与谷歌警报一样, your industry may have a number of hashtags that can be a beacon for new content. 例如, there are multiple conversations on the web going on around “business-to-business marketing.这个话题的标签是#b2bmarketing.

By searching 推特 (via their tool Tweetdeck) or LinkedIn or 脸谱网 or Instagram, 你可以在社交媒体上监控这个话题的进展. 其他付费工具包括Brand24、SproutSocial和brandmention.com.

6. 分析你的分析

杰·贝尔永远也找不到他的 内容倾斜 (differentiation area) of social media without analyzing his web traffic. 在发表了一篇关于社交媒体的文章之后, he was seeing double and triple the traffic versus his former topic of e-mail marketing.

养成每周查看分析结果的习惯. Find out what people are most interested in and how they are finding your content. It may make sense to create more content around what’s most important to your audience.

Note: While there are hundreds of analytics systems, Google 分析 is free and is 相对容易安装在您的网站.

7. 员工讨论

So many employees are afraid to help you create content because they don’t understand that much of the value is added in the editing process. 出于您的目的,您需要从它们获得“原始”内容 . . . 使他们成为主题专家的信息.

Relieve the members of your team of their worries by assuring them that the copy will be “polished up” during editing. 然后提供以下建议,让他们开始行动:

  • 记录它. Just as in your 50 questions or 自由写作 exercise, just have them get it out. 和你的员工一起喝咖啡,并记录下谈话内容. 简单地和他们谈谈他们所看到的挑战. 在你知道之前,你已经有了20个内容创意.
  • 故事板出来. 如果员工很难敞开心扉, tell them to visualize what they want to 说 and write down key phrases or concepts onto sticky notes. 他们甚至可以在便利贴上写下自己的想法. 对于一篇较长的文章来说,这是一个组织思想的特别好的方法.

8. 问问你的社交网络

尽管不要滥用这一点很重要, 问问你的社交网络可能会有帮助, 尤其是在特定区域附近. 你现在读这篇内容营销文章的原因, 而不是阅读我的下一个 悬疑小说,是因为这个想法 内容公司. 我新出版的书) was far and away the most requested piece of information my social network asked for.

9. 与你的客户或潜在客户交谈

手了, my best generator of new ideas is going to conferences and events and talking directly to my audience of marketers. 我2013年的书, 史诗内容营销, was generated almost entirely by chatting with marketers at events (I can’t wait to get back to events).

If you don’t have direct access to your customers, try email or a phone call. You’d be surprised how open your customers will be when you are not asking them to buy anything. 问问自己,“这些天是什么让你夜不能寐??然后坐好,听我说.

10. 读一本完全不相干的书

每隔一段时间,我的创造力就会枯竭. 无论我做什么,我就是不能专注于一个引人注目的主题.

In this case of last resort, I pick up a book that is completely irrelevant to my content area. I’ve always found that my best content ideas pop into my head while I’m reading a good book. 我强烈推荐 异乡的陌生人 罗伯特·海因莱因的作品或经典作品 《十三水在线游戏》 or 《银河系漫游指南.



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