推特 Targeting: Sharing Content with Laser Focus


As long as you’re sharing that article on 推特, why not take a moment to mention it to specific people who may like it? It doesn’t take long to find that one person who would love your new post 和 put it into their 推特 stream. 这被称为推特目标.

你如何找到这些超级特殊的人? 别担心——推特是终极的电话簿. 寻找吃无麸质食物的牛仔? Want to connect with a food blogger who likes Star Trek? 找个懂功夫的物流专家怎么样?




You may already be writing content that applies a theme to a topic; for example, 一个让·克劳德·云顿主题的帖子 十三水在线游戏技术 或者关于搜索引擎优化的僵尸主题帖子. 这些帖子非常适合这个话题.

The typical 推特 bio combines professional 和 personal information. The goal is to find someone whose personal info matches your theme (zombie fans) 和 their professional info matches your theme (SEO). 现在可以玩配对游戏了.


推特 itself has a terrible search tool with few useful options, but there are several other tools that do the job well. Here’s an example of how I used one of those tools to find people 和 promote some content.

I wanted to drive a little traffic to a guest post I had written about personal SEO. I was thinking that people who specialize in personal br和ing might like it. The post doesn’t have any particular theme, so I went to FollowerWonk 然后搜索“个人品牌”.”


突然, I’m looking at several hundred personal br和ing people, 按照他们的数量排序. 他们每个人都可能是读者.

Tip: The FollowerWonk advanced options let you find people in your area or people who already follow you. 试试这个,推特!


The ideal target is active in 推特 和 has a large following. Beware sharing posts with people who have huge followings. A lot of people may be trying to get their attention, so it’s hard to break through the noise. Focus on people who would be the most likely to love what you wrote.

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Now that you’ve found the people who are most likely to love the post, 让十三水游戏尝试一些有针对性的分享. 你所要做的就是在推特上提到它们. Here’s my tweet with the mentions 和 the response that followed…


In an amazing coincidence, one of the people I’d mentioned, Maria Duron, had heard of me before. 更典型的回答来自约翰·安东尼奥斯. “我喜欢它……我会分享它……谢谢。.”

I actually have low expectations when I share with specific people. I’m hoping the person shares or comments, 和 sometimes they do. 有时他们不. Usually, if I mention two or three people, one of them responds 和 retweets. 当他们这样做的时候,试着让对话继续下去.

Even if it works only half the time, you’re still being much more effective at sharing on 推特. And the entire exercise takes less than five minutes.

与关心你的人交流? 或者是一些垃圾邮件?

这种方法没有任何垃圾信息. Spam is about the big audience 和 weak targeting. 这是关于微小的观众和激光聚焦. 这是垃圾邮件的反面.

Think about it from the other perspective: if you’re a Star Trek fan who does fundraising, 和 you see a Tweet that says “Captain Kirk’s Guide to Silent Auctions,“你会点击它吗?? 你会很激动地去读它! 感谢那些与你分享的人.

It’s about content promotion 和 online networking.

促销活动内容 是关于找到合适的观众. Online networking is about connecting with specific individuals. 推特的目标是两者兼顾的. It’s a fast, simple way to find your next superfan …和 maybe a new friend.



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  • 伟大的建议. 我从来没听说过Followerwonk, but five minutes after clicking your link I’d added it to my desktop shortcuts. 等不及要看结果了吗!

  • A good strategy,but not without potential pitfalls.  Part of the success may be based on whether there is a prior relationship (connection) with the target or the target is familiar with you or your work (reputation). There are perhaps two outcomes: 1) the target sees the mention as a mutually beneficial sharing of content; or 2) the target views the mention “out of the blue” as a solicitation. There’s also the saturation factor akin to being pinged (poked) constantly with LinkedIn endorsements.  当每个人都开始这么做的时候会发生什么?

  • I see the potential positives in this, but ultimately I feel like I just
    read an article about how to effectively use 推特 to spam people
    有相似兴趣或技能的人. 就因为我喜欢汉堡,
    it doesn’t mean I want McDonald to start tweeting unsolicited info
    直接给我. 如果我想追随他们,我早就这么做了. 我宁愿
    someone engage with me on a real level in reaction to one of my posts
    or tweets rather than using me as a way to distribute your own content.

  • 我需要的是这样的见解和技巧. Sometimes I find it so hard to maintain a 推特 account in my industry, 但我希望有一天会有回报. 再次感谢,安迪!

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